Monday, January 16, 2006

Happy New Year

It's 2006. Yet another year that I never thought that I would live to see.

Has anybody taken a good look at the new Yeti stuff? I remember back in the heyday, before the whole Schwinn debacle... Jon Parker and the boys did a great job making some of the best xc bikes on the planet. That yellow and blue color scheme has been burned into my skull. Love 'em and I'm not sure why. The new bikes look rad. It's the same type of feeling that I have for companies like Moots , Chris King and Salsa (despite all of the changes). I was actually in Sonoma with Ross Shafer from Salsa the week that he decided to sell Salsa to QBP and I have an original catalogue from 1992 (just a photocopy, no color).

I ran into an old high school buddy while taking Emma to swimming lessons tonite. It's hard to miss Shawn. He was 6'3", 240 in high school and he hasn't changed one bit since then. He had one of his kids at the pool the same time Emma was there. Weird. Small f'in world.

Here's praying for a continuing mild winter! Only 8 months until the SM100... It looks like Uncle Brian is coming out from San Jose, CA, to ride with me. Or in front of me. Now I REALLY have something to plan for.


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