Monday, February 06, 2006

Loggin' the miles

I managed to get out on the bike for another 38miles today. That must be the magic number. Roberts and I rode that down towards south county but today I did the Tour 'de Severn - a nice, scenic loop around the Severn River. It starts out me front door in scenic Crofton, from 424 to 450, past the Annapolis Mall (fine piece of road, you can imagine) to Bestgate Rd. Old Bestgate goes to Melvin Ave then right through West Annapolis then past the Naval Academy and over the new-old Severn River bridge (nice climb). Hook that into the WB&A Trail towards Severna Park, past Severn School then onto Benfield Rd at Severna Park High, back to Old Benfield then Rte 3 to 178 to Millersville Rd to Cecil Ave to blah blah blah.

Today was one of those days. The wind was blowing about six different directions and those Aros 58 wheels pick it up. Try deep dish wheels at 25 miles an hour. Then try them into a headwind at 14mph. I thought I was on the Eastern Shore, where the wind blows in all directions all the time.

It was a nice ride. I'm pretty used to it so there are no surprises. There are plenty of short climbs that keep you honest and the side-trip into downtown Annapolis for the sight-seeing is always nice. This time of year, I try to avoid riding too hard and eating while riding to try and work on losing some weight. Back in 'the day,' my race weight was around 163. Kicking it around 180 doesn't help you go fast... I'll tell you all day about it...

I have a buddy, also named Mike, who has been bumming about not riding enough. He has a real job and real responsibility and he travels a metric a$$load (100k miles a year or MORE!). So if you are lucky enough to be riding everyday or even every week, think about big Mike, sitting on a plane, crisscrossing the country.

I'm cruising into DC tonite to hit up the City Bikes Mountain Bike Team meeting (of which I have made myself a member) to hang out and see what's going on with the 2006 team jersey. I'm pulling for a naked picture of Joel and I've got a few Jackson's to try and get the votes I need, Abramoff style.


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