Sunday, February 12, 2006

There's snow way in...

We got a solid 10 inches of snow here. Not a man's 10 inches, actual, measurable 10 inches.

So we are out shoveling the driveway and my next-door neighbor and I are talking about a bunch of people took over the community association. I signed over a proxy vote for the board election and we've hit paydirt.

Among a bunch of lifestyle esoteria, he tells me that we (the community association) own 35 acres of land just around the corner (land E of the intersection of Johns Hopkins and Underwood) next to the golf course.

I hiked a bunch of that when we first moved to Crofton. 'Boy, would this be a rad little loop, close to home,' I was thinking. Now, we are talking about developing a little network of trails for the community to ride/hike. It won't be much, but we'll be able to have a little jump section, maybe some natural technical trail features (read: log rides/drops). There's a little bit of vertical which should keep it interesting. It will be rad to rip around the golf course (which we actually own but lease to the operators) on the paved singletrack then hook up with some of the twisty, turny stuff that we will build. There's even a budget for it! WooHoo!

I have some track laid out with GPS that would provide a little over a mile of trail. That's without doubling back...

It's hard to have thoughts of Spring with this much snow on the ground but hey, it was in the 60s just last week. Here's hoping.


At 3:53 PM, Blogger Brian said...

Cool. You should build a pump track...


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