Monday, December 11, 2006

Patapsco Jump Park Meeting 14 Dec 7pm

Patapsco LEGIT Jump Park Meeting
Thursday Dec 14th 7-9pm at Fleet Street Cycles/Avalon Cycles (same place)
5871 Washington Blvd. | Elkridge, MD | 410-276-2029

We all love the jumps off of Norris Lane but it’s not legal and MORE has been fighting off the destruction for almost a year. MORE has contracted with IMBA Trail Solutions to design and build a three-phase Challenge Park to be built at the Hilton Maintenance Area starting in Spring 2007. Come out and meet Ben from IMBA Trail Solutions and give us some feedback regarding what YOU, the riders, want to see out there.

This is your chance to meet Ben and make your voice heard! Ben was one of the guys that built the Santos Trail in FL -

Phase one – aggressive xc trail with drops, skinnies, huge rocks and natural hits. Easiest to get approval for, easiest to build, Spring 2007.

Phase two – larger-than-average pump track with huge berms, table-tops and rollers in Fall 2007.

Phase three – (longest approval process) dimensional lumber constructed drops, skinnies, ladders and more! We are hoping for construction to begin in Spring/Summer of 2008.

Check it out
Look what these guys can do!

Questions? Hit me – mike at citybikes dot com.


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that all sounds super cool!



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