Tuesday, July 31, 2007

24 Hours of Killington

Tough course, TONS of climbing, superslickrootyrocky downhills that were anything but fast. Slippy slot-in lines with some DEEP mud, boardwalks with 'S-turns' built in, a few drops... Laird did a great job, we got almost no rain during the race even though it threatened pretty severely.

Great course. If you liked the Big Bear course, the Killington course would knock your socks off! That's JoFo on the right, bringing it home in the last mile of the course on our last lap (his 6th!).

More later. Oh yeah, we won. 1st Expert, 1st Overall. Not sure exactly where we are for the overall points (whether it's locked up or not) but this helps, for sure. Thanks Kent 'Chewbaake' Baake, MattyD and JoFo 'Mr 6th Lap.'


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