Sunday, September 14, 2008

Big Weekend!

Redneck fair in Anne Arundel County on Friday night... A bit rainy so no one was there. Got an Obama sign for the front yard. First time for me, with a sign in the front yard.

I was all signed up to race at the Giro di Coppi but we had a wedding on Sat morning and no child care so Susan just took Emma. MattyD got third! Huge. What a stud. That kids rocks!

Saturday morning, Jeremy and I went looking for fossils at Calvert Cliffs State Park down in Calvert County. He played on the beach, I stared at the sand for a few hours. Fun stuff. It's a nice hike down to the fossil beach and Jeremy was a trooper. We ran across a frog getting eaten by an Eastern Water Snake (non-venemous, as if the frog cared). Talk about Wild Kingdom. For us normal folks, that's pretty rare to see that. OF COURSE we have pictures!

This pic is not a bucket eating Jeremy but a bucket-headed hiker, in search of fun. He was banging it with the shovel. Smart kid. I had him stop at least that part of it.

I carried the change of clothes, food, two liters of water, towel, camera and little boy half-way down the 1.8m hike and half-way back. When he wasn't taking it easy by riding on daddy, he was running.

Here's the snake, getting lunch. It was a war of attrition. The snake was just biding its time and the frog would rest, jump, not get away, croak and then try to jump away again. Once every five minutes or so. We didn't see frog-snake on the way back so I'm assuming that Kermit was being digested under a log somewhere in mr snake's belly. Correction: lumpy belly. Here ya go. I hope you aren't eating lunch!

In more pleasant news, my dealer delivered on Friday. I got the goods. Straight off a plane from Seattle. I'm talking the killer hook-up. 4 lbs, delivered. That will only last us a few months.

Of course, you know I'm talking about C O F F E E!

A buddy is a bit of a coffee snob and he says that he found the WORLD'S BEST COFFEE near his place in Seattle so whenever he's out there, he brings me back 4 pounds. It's good. It's not the darkest stuff in the world, but it's pretty damn good. We grind it for drip at home in the morning before heading out for work and I have some espresso with a co-worker around 9:30 or 10, just to make sure the morning is as productive as possible. Yeah, I have an espresso machine at work. It's the 'burbs so we'd have to drive for 1/2 hour round trip to buy it so we have no choice. People make fun of us at work... they think we are brewing ground up tires...

And of course, nothing in my life happens without some sort of child story. How am I going to work E or J in with a coffee anecdote you ask? Jeremy INSISTS on running the grinder in the morning (he'll come running if I try to grind without him) AND he has to 'mull it' before it gets dumped in the coffee dripper thingy. In J-world, to 'mull' something is to 'smell' it. And he puts his whole face in the grinder to get the full boquet. He's a master. Jedi master...

Speaking of which, we went to see the Star Wars: The Clone Wars movie today with the kids and it wasn't horrible. I actually liked it more than all 3 of the prequel movies, but that's not saying much as they pretty-much sucked, 1, 2, 3. It was more fun and less drama. I read a few reviews to get myself psyched up to see it and all of them said 'it sucks' so my expectations were low.

Plus, I had Jeremy on my lap yelling 'YEAH! GET HIM!' at the movie, which is rad. Especially when EVERYONE in the theatre can hear and I can hear them laugh at him too.

Saturday night (I'm all post-modern with my timeline in this post, like it?), we went to my sister's house for ribs and beers. Bro-in-law's son was in town from the UK and my sis had some friends over. It was mellow and fun.

I cut Jeremy's hair again, threw him in the tub, read some books and threw E&J in bed. I got some new music, played guitar, wrote this post and now it's off to bed. It's late for a school night.

I'm listening to 'Whip It' by Devo right now. How f'in cool am I... After finishing the pic-posting, Dinosaur jr is playing right now... And I'm out...


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