Friday, February 13, 2009

Jeremy's First Album Cover and Our Grow Operation

From last week comes a picture of Jeremy playing us a song he wrote.

He's our rising star/meal ticket. We'll see how it goes. Maybe Dave Grohl is looking for a protege.

Here is our fledgling grow operation, as it were. I got some cheap clip-on lights and some flourescent grow bulbs. This set-up should allow us to get an early first crop of veggies. We've got some peas, sunflowers and marigolds going so far. We are going to be planting some cucumber, tomato, lettuce and more peas. There are a lot of seeds in those seed packets. I'll be cleaning out more of my planters this weekend and prepping them for our superdoublesecret planting mix. I'm building an oh-fee-shul cedar planting table tomorrow using some red cedar and some old 4x4s I have left over from the deck.

Is that enough information for you?

We'll be finishing up the wallpaper paste removal from Jeremy's room (current guest room) and preparing for the grey and blue paint and Batman decals for the walls. We've got our work cut out for us. Boy do I hate wallpaper.

I put a sheet of stainless behind the fireplace in the firebox to deflect some of the heat off of the decaying firebrick to keep it from cracking. Again. It looks pretty good and seems to reflect more light into the room. And Susan likes it. It may even reflect more heat into the room. Who knows.

Long weekend so I'm hoping to get a bunch of riding in this weekend. I have to finish up my Modern Public Administration mid-term tonite before I can think about having fun and busting my arse this weekend. If that doesn't get done, there's nothing else to worry about this weekend.


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