Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Cdale 07

This is pretty exciting... 24.5lb 4" travel bike. New Crossmax SLR super-light wheelset, intergrated crank, juicy ultimate (not pictured), Fox rp23 shock, carbon lefty. I've spent this season on a carbon 5" and this feels exactly as it should: torsionally stiffer so it has a better ride quality which is the only thing I care out. The Lefty continues to just rock. I like those Maxxis Crossmark tires. If I could just get those in a 2.2". That 2.0 is just too small. Oh, this is around $6k. The carbon platforms start at $4500. Their top rush Al bike is $2600 so there is a bit of a gap but it's in a good place. Let us know if you want one of these. They ride great. No word on where they are made but I'll give you just one guess. Rhymes with blywan.

Ask me about the bus ride, the pedals and Chad.

You have Chad to thank for this bike. He's the mtn bike product manager. He's a fast guy and a good rider. He's pretty cool although I haven't made any headway on the 1 1/8" Lefty. I'm gonna have to punch Vorhees in the throat the next time I see him...

Oh yeah, 29'er geared bike with Lefty for 07. Looks pretty nice. Watch for a carbon hardtail, a new aluminum xc frame called the caffeine (yes, they have a caffeine feminine). Inside scoop is carbon prophet for 2008.

Oh yeah, here's Chad. Call Cannondale and tell 'em you want a 1 1/8" Lefty.

I got to check out the new SRAM stuff for road. It's rad. Don't be afraid, just buy it. The new 'cross bike from Cdale has it on there. Optimo frame, si crank for $2600. You've all seen the system6 bikes. They look great and ride great too. I'm not super-excited about those but a lot of people were. It's worth a ride, for sure.


At 5:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah...but what is good old Chad doing in that pic ;-)

At 10:14 PM, Blogger Surly Rider said...

I got to ride the carbon rush today. Only a bit in the parking lot and off a few curbs, but it was pretty cool. I can not say that I was ever excited for a new cannondale season, but the stuff I saw today is pretty rad, and you know i usually hate the big C. You may see me on a Caffine 29er.

At 10:19 AM, Blogger gwadzilla said...

I still need a bike for my wife
this stuff is all too pricey for me


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