Monday, April 09, 2007

BK's Back

Word from the heard is that BK is making his City Bikes Team re-appearance... We are one man low for 24hrs of Vail Lake out in SoCal and it looks like Kemler is in. He's taking a few days from his busy job at Google (yes, THAT Google) to travel down South and throw-down with the crew.

Oh, wait, he just needs a few things to race. A new fork and a light. Classic Kemler.

I love this guy. Here's a race report from my first race with the guy. It's from the 12 hours of Lodi Farms race back in 2004, my first with City Bikes. By the way, that pretty-boy on the Lodi page is Mr Larry 'Too Fast' Camp. I raced with him at Lodi when there were only seven (that's right, seven) of us in the solo class and I was the only singlespeeder. 1999? Yeah. How times have changed. It was called 12 Hours of Hollywood Farms back then. In 2006 there were around 60 solo riders AND a solo singlespeed class. Damn. Here's the 2004 race results. I almost forgot our team name, Big, Bald and Bossy. Guess who I was... I forgot we raced expert. JGwadz, Pooch and me. Kemler raced with Welp on Blanche Devereaux.

More races to come in this jam-packed year. I know I'll do A LOT less than most but I'm always very grateful to my sponsors Susan, Emma and Jeremy. I gotta tell ya, there's nothing better than to come across a line and see the three of them smiling at me. Actually, the best part is Emma hugging me and saying 'Daddy! You are all sweaty!'


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