Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy Birthday!

To all of us!

Today is Constitution day. 17 September 1787 was the 'birth' of the US Constitution. Here's the Wiki on it.

What can that old piece of paper expect on its birthday? Nothing. There's no gift you can give a piece of paper. All you can do is what you think it would want you to do. You'll have to read it to figure that out.

I think a big issue in America these days is lack of respect for each other. Divisive politics and social issues are making two Americas. It's talked about all the time as 'Red and Blue' states, counties, cities, people... It sucks. Even the people that complain about the division talk about it in these terms.

These divisions are what keep America from real social progress. Do we all worry about the lack of healthcare for many Americans? That a national healthcare plan would take the burden off of our US industries and help them compete worldwide? I mean, US industry is cutting healthcare benefits already in order to compete globally and we aren't doing anything to back OURSELVES up? Crazy.

Meanwhile, all of the 'free-market' Republicans are busy bailing out investment banks and Wall Street with $1 trillion dollars worth of loans and US taxpayers now own 80% of an insurance agency! WTF! $1 trillion on a war (almost) to private contractors and underpaid US military in Iraq and another trillion to bail out unadulterated greed.

This from a guy who's been 'saved.' It's a good thing he's not still a coke-head. Even if he was, he couldn't have done much worse. I know a few drug addicts smarter than this knucklehead.

Don't worry, if you need help with your mortgage or if you get sick and lose your health insurance and job, the gov't will be there to... uh... well, they won't be there.

Values. Leadership. Intelligence. It sure would be nice to have some in the White House. I'll take the 'shallow nothingness' of hope to war in Iran. Nobody should talk about war as an option. War is the absence of options. War is the failure of hope and intelligence. The start of a war means we all lose, especially those who lose their lives. McCain should know better. Politics as usual.

We'll be safer if the world thinks that they don't have to defend against a war just to live with a strong America. A strong America doesn't have to go to war, a weak America does. Learn some international relations before you start calling for war.

Tough day for Big Daddy. Please vote for Obama. It's GOT to be better than what we've got now. Please.


At 1:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

who do you predict to win?


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