Friday, May 05, 2006

Race, bikes and ROAM

I didn't even mention that we got some advanced copies of the ROAM dvd from the people at the Collective. It's good. I have to say that the first one was better (maybe I need to watch them both again, back to back!) but the music in ROAM was a bit more adult. I need to get both soundtracks... I think we should schedule a viewing somewhere. We watched it at Buffalo Billiards last Tuesday but it wasn't on the BIG screen (60"). I'll try to set something up and let everyone know.

This weekend is the 12 hours of Lodi Farms and a bunch of us are racing. I've got DT and Kent on my team which means we should do well. I'm taking the big City Bikes truck down with the generator and huge Team Grill for eats. It should be fun. We'll have about 15 people down there for hanging out, racing, support, etc. I'm going to try to stay awake (ha!) and take some pictures.

I've got a new bike coming, too! I know what you are thinking... Actually, I don't because I can't wait to race this thing. Spec'd SX Trail. I'll be racing that sucker at some DH and 4x races this year (if I can fit it into the xc/endurance racing schedule). This will also give me an excuse to get up to Fredneck more and ride with Mike and Hillary more, especially since they have some new bikes on the way as well. Mike is involved with putting on the City Bikes Capital Cup at Whitetail. That's June 23-25 and one price gets you on the lifts all weekend plus racing if you want. There's a SuperD course, a true DH course (high consequence) and a 4x course (I think). Where there's not a race, the course is open. It's really important that we get a lot of people out there to support this venue. We really don't have a lot going on for official DH/FR/DJ places around so it would be nice if we could get Whitetail opened again. It's as simple as $$. If Whitetail can't pay the bills to open the place up in the Summer, they won't. So dust off the armor, bolt on that coil spring and get the f out there.

See you this weekend. Hit me with questions. We have a meeting with Patapsco regarding the Lewis and Clark/Jump Trail off Landing Rd. If you have suggestions, you better send 'em over right quick. We need your help.


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